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by Jan Biniok

Easy Script Access

Tampermonkey makes it pretty easy to manage your userscripts. The Tampermonkey icon at the upper right shows the number of running scripts and a click at it shows what scripts do run and what scripts may run at this page. ( video tutorial)

Script Overview

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Tampermonkey show a clear overview of the scripts that are installed. You can see when they were updated the last time, if they do have a homepage, you can sort them and many more... ( video tutorial)

Tip: Also userscripts that are installed as Chrome extension can be managed here.

Configurable Setting Diversity

You can choose between three different levels for the settings page. This way rarely used options can be hidden to keep the page evident. ( video tutorial)

Automatic Script Update

You can setup how often the scripts will be checked for updates. No more bugs due to outdated userscripts. :)


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Only the paranoid survive! Blacklist all sites that never should be accessible by a userscript.


A lot of userscripts are written for the Firefox userscript manager called Greasemonkey, that's why Tampermonkey offers a compatibility layer and tries to detect the necessary settings automatically.

Chrome Sync

You're using more then one Chrome, one at home and on at work? You wish you could sync your scripts? So, just enable Tampermonkey's sync feature.

CodeMirror Editor

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You need to develop or edit a script? No problem! Tampermonkey has a built-in editor.

Syntax Check with JSHint

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Your script doesn't work? Tampermonkey's syntax check might find the issue... :)

Rapid development

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Tampermonkey's editor is nice, but you do have your own, that is faster, better, ... The solution is to enable the file access and then you can @require the local copy of your script.


If you're not happy with Tampermonkey (this is unlikely to happen, but who knows ;), then you can remove it at Chrome's extension page.

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